growITup @ ITALIAN TECH TOUR 2016 in Turin and Rome 7

growITup @ ITALIAN TECH TOUR 2016 in Turin and Rome

Turin & Rome

icon growITup @ ITALIAN TECH TOUR 2016 in Turin and Rome

growITup will take part in the 2016 edition of the ITALIAN TECH TOUR that takes place from November 15th to November 17th in Turin and Rome: this event is promoting innovation and investment for the best technology companies of Italy and showcasing the regions best investment opportunities.

The Tour will incorporate in its program the 6th edition of the Italian Corporate Venture Forum and will include a program in Turin and in Rome. This event is a meeting platform for 30 growth companies and 20 emerging companies selected by a Selection Committee with 80+ Italian and international venture capital and corporate investors and partners attending the 3 day event.

All companies attending the Italian Tech Tour 2016 will be selected by the Selection Committee of the Tour. This Selection Committee is responsible for nominating over 200 companies and will be selecting the best 40 companies to attend and present during the Tour in Turin and Rome.

Our team members Anders Nilsson and Enrico Noseda will attend the Tech Tour: Anders is one of the Selection Committe Member, and Enrico will take part in the Thursday morning panel about “Industry 4.0/Smart Cities & ICT”.

You can find the full programme of the event here: