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#empoweringcommunities’ objective is to bring young people closer to the world of technology, innovation, digital transformation and digital entrepreneurship.

The initiative supports communities rooted in the Italian territory that enhance the personal and professional capabilities of young people, accompanying them through experiential courses in the development of new skills required by the rapidly changing labour market.

growITup supports the communities with the event organization, providing a wonderful location in the centre of Milan, via Bergognone 34, with Video and Audio Service, Communication on online and offline channels and with support for the format and the speakers’ definition.

The communities can organize an event of minimum 2 hours of high training potential related to the following topics: Digital Entrepreneurship (Pitch, Business Model, Business Plan & Financing, Intelligent Apps, Innovative Startups, Service Design & Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Social Media) and Digital Technologies (Coding, Digital Platforms, Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Internet of things, Mesh App & Service Architecture, Adaptive Security Architecture, Virtual Reality, Aumented & Mixed Reality, Block Chain & Bitcoin).

The language used is preferably English or Italian and a theory part must be followed by a Practical one (Showcase, Demo, Teamwork, Lean techniques, etc.). The event is for 50-100 attendees and is generally free. Eventually paid entrance should be discuss with growITup.

If you are a community of young talented people, send a presentation to with the description of your community and your proposal for the event, linking to your digital profiles (web and social) and showing an example of past organized events with pictures, topics and number of people involved. A feedback will be provided within 5 working days!

growITup #EmpoweringCommunities