Presentation Day #HealthWelfare

Presentation Day #HealthWelfare

An intensive day in CariploFactory for the Startup Presentation Day of the  #CallForGrowth #HealthWelfare in collaboration with Generali Italia.

The startups working on Digital Health, Digital Insurance and Corporate Welfare solutions have presented their pitch in front of  Generali Italia and a pull of partners composed by Accenture italia, Avanade Italy, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft.

At the end of the day, three are the selected startups ready for the Engage phase: Amiko, Neuronguard e Nuvap Prosystem.

Amiko is a connected respiratory disease management platform that enables advanced tracking of medications and monitoring of treatment effectiveness for improved adherence and reduced hospitalizations.

Neuronguard is developing a life-saving medical device for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and brain injury.

Nuvap Prosystem developed an IoT solution to monitor up to 26 environmental factors and the enablement of wellbeing or workplace health policies.

During the Engage phase, an intense collaboration will start between the startups and Generali Italia S.p.A, with the support of the Tech & Solution partners (consulting firms, business schools, system integrators etc.) to build digital transformation opportunities for Corporations and Go- Big opportunities for startups.