Innovative Talks #SIOS17

Innovative Talks #SIOS17

Palazzo del Ghiaccio, Milano

Quali sono le strategie digitali più innovative?

Lo scopriremo con gli Innovative Talks di growITup, un incredibile opportunità per trovare in un unico spazio più di 10 progetti di Open Innovation e 20 speaker delle principali aziende italiane.

11:30 – 11:50 Payment Systems: What’s next?

With Roberto Catanzaro, Executive Director Business development, Digital & Innovation at Nexi and Carlo Garuccio, Head of Strategy at Sisal

The past decade has seen a veritable revolution in retail payment systems, with the development of online and mobile payments, and new peer-to-peer systems, but this is only the beginning. With this panel we will discover case histories and future challenges in the digital payment world.

11:55 – 12:30 Lean Manufacturing, Smart Safety and Predictive Maintenance

With Luca Manuelli Chief Digital Officer at Ansaldo Energia; Manuel Silva, Open Innovation Project Manager at Electrolux; Ruggero Recchioni, Head of Industry Innovation at IntesaSanpaolo and Pasquale Lanci, CEO at OL3 Solutions

Factories are changing, are increasingly digital and interconnected. The fourth industrial revolution began, and Italy is the second largest manufacturing country in Europe. We will discuss how Open Innovation and Digital transformation can lead to many opportunities for Italian competitiveness.

12:35 – 12:50 Future Things: How IoT will enter in our lives

With Francesco Paolo Camarda, IoT Consumer Marketing Manager at Vodafone

Mobile is today an extremely relevant phenomenon both at the social and economic level. We are increasingly “digitized” and hungry for connectivity anytime and anywhere.
Connectivity is entering in every part of our life, at home, at office, on travel.
Which are the risks and the opportunities to innovate in the IoT world?

12:55 – 13.15 More Social good in tech, More tech in Social good

With Marco Gerevini, Managing Director at Fondazione Housing Sociale and Davide Minelli, Director at TechsoupItalia

With increased power comes increased responsibility. Now it is the time technology companies must stand up and take responsibility for the societal changes that they are creating.

15:30 – 15:50 Rethinking Health&Welfare

With Ivano Bosisio, Head of Operations and Customer Excellence; Enrico Noseda, growITup partner; Timothy O’Connell, Accelerator Director, Entrepreneur & Business Leader at H-Farm; Francesco Tozzi, Ceo&Founder at Chorafarma and Giangiacomo Rocco di Torrepadula, Ceo& Co-Founder at Amicomed

How Med-tech startups are helping the insurance industry to rethink Health & Welfare, this panel will discuss with growITup, H-Farm e two startups, benefits and difficulties of working with a big corporation.

15:55 – 16:15 Are Extreme sports more accepting of technology?

With Nicolò Chiaramonte, Digital Project Manager at Dainese and Marco Frealdo, Digital Marketing Manager at Campagnolo

When it comes to sports embracing technology, extreme ones have strived to lead the way. GoPros and aerodynamic wetsuits are only the tip of the iceberg. This panel brings together those pushing the boundaries to the extreme to explore what can give them the extra edge, which is their innovative mood?

16:20 – 16:40 Innovation in Video Channels

With Martina Palmese, Marketing Specialist at QVC and Cristina Sangiorgi, TV and New Media Producer at SKY

Whoever deals with promo and advertising videos, must manage a new startup every day.  Stories, teams and target are different every time, and they involve passions, experience and people’s emotions. An all-female panel will bring a unique passion for innovation at the growITup Innovative Talks.

16:45 – 17:05 Precision Farming: The future of Food & Agricolture

With Antonio Marzia, VP of Connected Services at CNHIndustrial and Cristina Hanabergh, Sustainable Development and Internal Communications Manager at Birra Peroni

From the use of satellites, to the sensors and drones to track weather and fields information; from apps to manage irrigation and fertilization to the geolocation systems that drive machines and tractors, we will discover how Precision Farming is improving the quality and the sustainability of the entire Food Value Chain.

17:10 – 17:30 Hacking the future of big corporations

With MassimilIano Ambra, Head of Business Development at TIM

Hacking refers to any situation where it is necessary to make use of creativity and imagination in solving a problem. In this panel we will focus on how a big company thanks to the Open Innovation can find multiple and creative ways to stay always young and dynamics.

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