Digital Mentoring #SIOS17

Digital Mentoring #SIOS17

Palazzo del Ghiaccio

A mentor is someone who can guide you, help you, take you under their wing and nurture your career or business ambitions.

For those involved in a Start Up or Small business, a Mentor can help you through the process of idea validation, market feedbacks and support in Tech and Business Development.

Our Mentors are individuals with a minimum of 10 years professional experience in the Digital or ICT industry, with demonstrated leadership and / or training experience and passion for giving back and supporting more junior members of the Digital community.

You can find senior professional of our team and our Solution and Tech Partners.

Accenture Strategy will help you validate your business idea and focus on the right business path to choose

Microsoft can guide you through clouding solutions, gaming platforms and big data

Avanade can help you understanding the ideal customer journey and customer experience for your customers!

With HP Enterprise you can discover the IOT world and understand how smart is your business!

growITup can help you understanding how to scale your business, relate the right story to your investor and explain you how we match make startups with big corporations.

Cariplo Factory can guide you through all the Open Innovation platforms opened in the Hub: growITup, NextEnergy, Bioupper and more to come!

Cariplo Social Innovation will help you to find opportunities to scale social businesses.

With the Digital Mentoring Program, you will find:

  • Guidance and perspective
  • Shared experience
  • Training & development support
  • Networking opportunities
  • Clouding and Technology solutions

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