Future Gate: how to be prepared for the future

Future Gate, un progetto il growITup e Impascool

icon Future Gate: how to be prepared for the future

Future Gate is a cycle of events organized by growITup, Cariplo Factory and Impactscool. The events are dedicated to students and young professionals who want to get involved with creativity and critical spirit and get prepared for the future!

Future Gate is the way to discover the technologies that are changing the world and our way of life: artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, blockchain, biotechnology and nanotechnology.  For several years Cristina Pozzi, Founder and CEO of Impactscool, has been investigated the ethics, the potentiality and the impact effect of exponential technologies on people and society.

The events are free and divided into 6 meetings. Attendees, that will follow 4 of the 6 meetings, will receive a diploma of participation.

November 14th – Exponential acceleration and social impacts

During the first event we will discuss exponential technologies and their importance. Then we will reflect obout the possible social and ethical impacts that technologies will have on our lives.

December 5th – Industrial automation and new forms of production

In this meeting, we will talk about technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and 3D printing and their applications in the business world. What kind of jobs will be replaced by new techniques and new processes?

January 16th – Blockchain: what it is and what there is beyond the cryptocurrencies?

During the first event of the new year, we will talk about present and future applications of Blockchain. Which are the critical points and steps to be taken to enable their dissemination?  In the end, we will try to imagine the disruptive potential of this young technology.

February 6th – Disrupting humans: new technologies and human health

What kind of relation there is between new technologies and human health?  What is the future gate of this interaction? What are the ethical questions, that we need to answer? All together we will try to answer these and other questions about the topic Disrupting humans.

March 6th – Future Thinking I

During the meeting, we will discover how to approach the future and what are their future real practices.

April 3rd – Future Thinking II

The last meeting is focused on trying to imagine new future inhabitants, new products and services able to satisfy them. The exercise will be done together, and we will see how this exercise can help us to make future business decisions.