Future Gate, the cycle of meetings opens the doors to the future!

Future Gate, the cycle of meetings opene the doors to the future!

The cycle of six meetings, dedicated to the future, has started the last week on November 14th. Future Gate, the format created by Impactscool and growITup, in collaboration with Cariplo Factory, is a new way to discover the technologies that are changing the world and our lives, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing and blockchain.

During the meeting, Cristina Pozzi, Co-Founder of Impactscool, brings the audience through possible future scenarios. Getting ready for the future is possible if we try to answer the right questions:

“What kind of tools can help us to understand and anticipate the change? How can we understand the signs of change and create forecasting? What are the little daily exercises that can prepare us to face the changes? ”

According to Vernor Vinge, trying to imagine the future now is comparable to the imagination that a little gold fish can have of the world outside its own fish tank: very complicated! Will the future be like this?
Expanding the gaze on many future scenarios is possible, and the humans’ history can offer us some good examples of social revolutions related to technologies.
An example? Simple, daily and essential: the fridge!

Quantifying the exponential change that the fridge has had on our lives is illuminating: invented in 1840, has appeared in our houses only in 1950 and it has slowly disrupted social habits and customs. It has also enhanced the women’s emancipation and triggered an incredible social revolution.
If we try to image the connection between daily objects and technologies, we can try to predict the social impact of the young technological innovations, such as 3D printing, blockchain and nanotechnology. Following this new way to predict the future, the young participants of the event took part in a workshop aimed at imagining possible future scenarios and the changes related to them.

During the next meeting, we will reflect on issues related to industrial automation and new forms of production. We wait for you on December 5th, together with the growITup and Impactscool team. Don’t miss it!