growITup and Agos launch Start&Pulse: call for startup focused on Customer Experience.

growITup and Agos launch Start&Pulse: call for startup focused on Customer Experience.

icon growITup and Agos launch Start&Pulse: call for startup focused on Customer Experience

The second season of the Call Start&Pulse is open!

Agos, a financial company, leader in the family credit, presents within the Italian market for the past thirty years, with more than 230 branches and agencies, alongside growITup, the Open Innovation platform created by Cariplo Factory and Microsoft, supporting corporations in their digital transformation process, launch the Call for Innovation Start&Pulse.

Over the last year and a half Agos has worked to develop a new product that is complementary to its core business: an innovative platform, usable by the app, created with the aim of enhancing the offers of products and services of the partners in order to create a “consumer universe” that could create value for Agos, for its partners and for both customers.

From September 2018 Agos started distributing the App – which can be accessed only by invitation – and the search for new partners with the aim of downloading the application, as well as its Agos employees, also to all the employees of some commercial partners for a potential audience of about 50,000 people.

Agos therefore wants to accelerate the development of this innovative product:

– favouring the adhesion of customers and partners, through the close collaboration with the Commercial Networks and the Marketing team of the Customer Management;

– developing new services to enrich the current value proposition;

– feeding a continuous animation / fidelity system towards customers and partners;

– providing tools to allow Agos to better coordinate the provision of all support services.

The Agos and growITup Call is dedicated to all Italian Startups that have developed functional prototypes and MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) from the strategic angle of customer experience, in order to innovate processes, products, and services orienting them towards the customer. Funds raised to date must be at least Seed Stage ($50K-$100K) too. Start&Pulse is orientated towards the identification of the best solutions able to generate real innovative value by optimizing operative and commercial efficiency in the following sectors:



– Solutions that improve the user and customer relationship and the usability of the platform (experience (delete), purchase, activation, user experience and customer care).

– Solutions that improve the web interface and the app for a multi-channel experience.

– Solutions for monitoring customer satisfaction.


– Gamification solution for users and corporate partners.

– Solutions to guide users’ purchasing choices (geo-marketing).

– Solutions to retain existing customers and acquire new customers.

– Solutions to increase loyalty.

– Solutions for data collection and analysis.


– New market and marketing channels.

– New services to be added to the platform.

Among all the Startups that will send in their application by June 21st 2019 on  the 10 best proposals will be selected to participate on September 26th, 2019 to the Pitch’s day in Milan (Le Village). The founders and the finalist teams will present their projects before the jury composed of Agos and growITup.

The best Startups will be able to collaborate with the Agos Innovation Lab and be awarded 5.000 Euros in services.