icon #CallForGrowth for Eni in collaboration with growITup

The CallForGrowth¬† for Eni is looking for the best innovative startups that can propose innovative solutions for digitizing specific areas related to the health and safety of Eni’s employees, digital solutions for enhancing customer experience at service stations, and digital solutions allowing to make operating manuals completely interactive and integrated with the digital twins (3D environment).


The main areas of the #CallForGrowth Eni are:


Retail | The future of gas station Digital solutions to increase the consumers’ quality life related to Eni’s retail stations services, to enhance the sustainability of Eni’s retail products and services, to digitalize Eni’s tools that can improve the customer experience.

Health | Healthy people and work environment Digital solutions that allow the monitoring of people’s health (for example monitoring vital functions during exposure to pollutants and wearables) and prompt operations (integration with existing smart security systems); digital solutions for prevention and health promotion and lifestyle tips; technologies to make the workplaces healthier.

Operational manuals digitization | Less paper, more digital Digitalization of paper manuals for an advanced use of manuals and company’s documents, in order to improve the workflow and become more eco-friendly.


The candidates, with a Technology Readiness Level between 5 and 8, can send their applications until January 21th!




Selected startups will be invited for the Eni’s Workshop in Milan. During the event, Eni, in collaboration with growITup, will select the most specific and suitable startup’s solution for its business needs, and it will start with them a collaborative journey that could take the form of a commercial, technological or industrial partnership.