The growITup initiative is devised to aid the development of great, world-class Italian Startups and to land Go-Big investments, providing a complementary go-to-market acceleration stage and an international network, in collaboration with the Italian Startup Ecosystem and leading Corporations.

growITup will have a unique set up of Corporate Partners offering mentors, networks, and resources customized to the Startups’ needs. There will also be availability of space for work, meetings and events at the growITup location in central Milan. The Startups will get support devised to accelerate growth and increase opportunities for investments, partnerships and acquisitions.

To qualify: Startup with less than 5 years, incorporated and/or operated mainly from Italy, raised funds to date must be at least Seed Stage ($50K-$100K), and looking at investments above $500K.


Following are the selection criteria for startups to participate in the growITup Initiative:

1.Basic criteria: Startup with less than 5 years
2.Personnel characteristics:

  • Qualified full-timers. Startup is all about the team. Founders’ abilities and track records are the best indicators we have.
  • Optimal applicant makeup will be: (1) CEO business dev and (1) CTO coder
  • Coachable founders (as evaluated in the selection process)
  • Previous Startup experiences a plus

3.Bold vision for global growth
4.The Startup needs to be incorporated and/or operate mainly from Italy
5.The growITup initiative is concentrated around:

  • Technology domain: a technology component related to Cloud, IoT and/or Mobile must be part of the solution. Other parts could be in any technology that is chosen by the startup.
  • Thematic domain: the business proposition must be relevant to one of the 7 accelerator themes – Manufacturing, Food & Agriculture, Design & Fashion, Assurance & Financial Services, Tourism & Entertainment, Healthcare, Energy & Environment
  • Funds raised to date must be at least Seed Stage ($50K-$100K), and looking at investments above $500K.